Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Goals Recap 5

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June was a doozy. I feel like I started off great, and then everything started to go wrong. Everything!
 I had two flat tires in 20 miles of each other.

I missed a triathlon and had to take a week off swimming due to weird musculo-skeletal pain my chest.

  And something about the way I have my workouts structured isn't jiving with my life/work schedule. I am always supposed to do a mid-length run on Thursdays. As you can see, I only got it done 1x this month. I think I'm going to have to change it up next month and maybe have heavy workout days Sat-Sun, Tue-Wed, and save Fri for moderate things like swim/stretch/easy cardio.

Ok, so I suppose you want to know exactly how bad it was:

Goal 1: 64.6 miles. I just squeaked in over the goal of 60. I can't keep skipping my mid-length run. I need to figure this out!

Goal 2: Don't even start with me on this one. I tried! I really tried! I was well on pace for a 38 mile ride, but then I popped a tire. Grrr. Tubes and tires have been replaced and I have plans for several bike rides before I leave Iowa. I need to accomplish this goal. I'm so close !

Goal 3: Again, I was totally on track until that chest pain. Oh well. Three times. Which, honestly is three times more than I would swim without trying to reach this goal. I hate going to swim, but I like swimming and I love how my body looks from swimming!

Goal 4: Bah. Fail.

Mileage totals for the month: 
Swim: 4600 meters (+200 meters from May)
Bike: 178.4 miles (+13.4 from May)
Run: 64.6 (-7.9 from May)
Yoga: 3 hour-long classes
Other Misc: 2 Group weightlifting classes and 2 Bodyrock 15-20 min HIIT sessions.

Sigh. Well now I feel like a failure. I'm going to sit on the couch and mope. And then plan my workouts for the week. And plan to stick to them!

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  1. Thanks for the update. I'm really excited to know the result of your work out.