Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I am having a little writers block for my midweek post, so I guess you get tidbits of how life is going this week...

1) I'm now kind of healthy again. I am tired of whining about my energy and general health on the blog, so let's suffice it to say that I was sick, ran a 5k sick, made myself worse, and am now solidly on my way to feeling better. I hope.

2) It's been a good week for achievements - my first undergraduate student, Emily, got her Master's degree. Jill, my first graduate student, got a job. My friend Andrew, got a new job, complete with a raise. We are all #Winning! 

3) Waiting at a train crossing on your bicycle makes you a lot more self-aware and kind of paranoid about people watching you...

4) How long do you think I can go without a haircut or color? This pic is from 2-3 weekends ago, and after a severe amount of frizzy.

5) An interesting trend: since we stopped buying pantry and freezer staples in preparation for our move, we are now eating a lot more vegetables and fruits...last week we went through 1 1lb tub of spinach, a honeydew melon, 2.5 lbs of strawberries, a pineapple, three bell peppers, a pint of grape tomatoes, a yellow squash, at least 5 bananas, and several carrots. I think we're avoiding eating the food we should be eating in the pantry!

6) I was supposed to run today, but I've decided to take it rest-up for my last 'night on the town' in Iowa on Friday. Locals: I'm pub-crawling downtown Ames starting at Olde Main in the pub at 6pm!

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. "What have you been up to this week?"
    -Hitting the outside workouts hard during this little cooldown.
    -I bought two new cookbooks (SuperNatural Every Day & Clean Start) that I've been reading while watching HGTV.

    Glad you're feeling more like yourself!