Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dear Minnesota: This is how I spent my weekend

In Iowa.
When I was supposed to be visiting my new home again:
But then the Minnesota governor and legislature failed to work out a budget deal. I mean, they've only known this was coming since January....(grr!) and all state services, including state parks, were shut down until they come to some sort of budget solution.

Tsk tsk tsk Minnesota, I am NOT pleased with you. So, instead I spent my weekend in Iowa. No sales tax or fees from me for you!

Friday night BBQ with my favorite 1.5 year old and other friends...

Saturday...work a little bit, but mostly practice my laze skills. Oh! And I updated my blog  - actually I've been working on it for a few weeks - but I finalized changes. Pages to check out:
(Mysterious loss of pictures lead to new pictures. I plan to write a brand new one if and when this blog survives my first year of professor-dom)

Recipe Posts
All of the recipes from this blog are now posted and organized. Entrees are denoted by vegetarian/vegan (chili pepper), seafood (fish icon), or land-animal (barn icon) for easy browsing. AND if you're just looking for inspiration, pictures are posted with their accompanying recipes in lovely little montages like the one above. Hope it's more navigable!

How Food Works
Updated to the most recent posts about how food is made, how we use it, and medicinal value of food products.

I also updated my blogroll, which is on the right panel of this blog. If you don't see your blog there, but would like some free advertising, please leave a comment. I'm always happy to hear about new blogs! Conversely, if you read this blog and enjoy it, could you add me to your blogrolls? Thanks!

Ok, back to the weekend activities. I got in a run on Saturday night, but it was the most recent in a series of terrible workouts. My friend Mandy suggested that maybe I'm not getting enough restful sleep to support my level of exercise, because I'm seriously sore and tired 80% of the time. I thought I was just lazy, but maybe there is something to it. I do feel better after a nap or after a couple days off...hmmm. 

I also spent some time cleaning and organizing. I packed up some stuff we don't use too often. Lamps, decorations, shoes. 

Laundry. I don't mind doing the laundry...but I royally hate putting it away. In fact, usually I just wait until I need to do laundry again to put away the last load. Anyone out there with me on this one?

 Obviously, I was moving too slowly on this one and the fiance decided a nap was in order NOTHING was getting in his way (They are clean laundry, before you get grossed out!).

I also did some cooking for the week, but you'll have to check back for the recipe! 

Finally, I got in a bicycle ride. I did have plans to meet up with a friend in Des Moines to ride on one of the trails, but his schedule didn't jive with mine - I needed to run as well and for me, a run in the AM is easier than a post-bike run in the hot PM. So, like any other independent woman, I went out for my own ride.  I tried a new route and actually got lost, but that was a blessing in disguise because I found a town with a park and a water fountain. Key to a long bike ride on a hot, sunny afternoon.

Eeeee! Do you see that number? That is my longest bike ride ever!
I got home in just under 3 hours, which included two rest stops (one of which might have been spent consulting my map...) and riding through 3 towns. Overall, I'm really happy with that ride :) 

I also got just a little bit of my lesson plans done for the fall. I'm now solidly working on Lecture II! 

(Disclaimer:  This is the first class. The equations are meant to be a little overwhelming...as in 'Have you ever thought about the chemical reactions that must happen in order for a plant to live?' but not to be memorized. I'm hardcore, but not a total jerk ;) )

So, despite not getting to do what I wanted to do (go to Minnesota), I had a lovely weekend. Now, if they can just fix this budget crisis by the time I move there later this month! 

Now I'm starting the week off right, taking my little car in for an oil change and new brake pads. I don't plan to drive her much until I move, but then it'll probably be close to 1500 miles in two weeks...gotta get her prepared for that strenuous gas-guzzling activity! 

Ok friends. I hope you had a lovely weekend. Was anyone else waylaid from their original plans?


  1. Hey! Regular reader here. Liking the new pages, and would it perhaps be useful to have a "summary" page on yourself? Your journey, wherever it may take you, obviously cannot be summarised on a single page, but I like having a little "About me" section just to tell my readers what I'm about and why they might want to read me.

    I'm at Sustainablefitness.co.uk, but kinda going through a rough patch at the moment so posts are a bit more sporadic. I would love to know what you think.

    Best wishes! And congrats on the bike ride!

  2. Yes, still alive and enjoying India!! The monsoon season started yesterday evening, and it's been pouring ever since :)
    It did feel weird to me aswell, I always thought I was in school for longer than these kids are. But they learn in a different way... and because they are deaf the school is less strict with them - they mess around and extend their breaks and work slowly and stuff. Grade 4 does only 3 lessons a day - maybe addition, a gujarati lesson (local language) and then a translation lesson (between gujarati and hindi). They just seem to do enough to pass the grade, and nothing more :/