Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Goals Recap 6

My last recap was terrible, and this one isn't about to get much better. I am going to admit something that is really hard for me to admit. I might have been...overtraining.

As far as overtraining goes, it's not that what I was trying to do wasn't's that it isn't possible with everything else I'm trying to do this summer. I can physically work out 1-2 hours per day 5x per week. I cannot do that while:
working on a variety of research projects
planning for my transition into my own lab this fall
assembling materials for a course in the fall
planning and executing a move to another state
trying to keep track of a student intern
managing the lab in my boss's absence
being under financial strain of saving for moving, paying double rent, and bridging the gap between incomes

I'm not complaing about my life in the least. I have many great things going on. I do think I bit off more than I could handle for exercise. 

So, my sixth summer goals recap is one of defeat, but it's also one of appreciation. Without these goals, I undoubtedly wouldn't be as fit as I am right now. I wouldn't be able to run whenever I want with ease. I wouldn't be working out as much as I am. They are definitely keeping me accountable, and for the most part, I'm definitely still trying. 

1) Run 60 miles per month. July total to date: 43 miles. 
2) Bike up to 50 miles: I actually got to 45 so far. I think this one is possible...but I haven't been working on it in the heatwave.

3) Swimming has happened 3x. I bet I get to 4x, but that's all I can imagine at this point. Swimming won't happen very much in August because I won't have a gym membership right away in my new town. 

4) Pushups have been abandoned...after the crazy chest muscle scare, I tried one more time, but I have something strange going on there. The fiance suggested that I'm actually dislocating my collarbone and it might be because it never healed correctly after an old bike accident. Once I have better medical insurance (the one I have thru the university now is pretty craptastic, but better than nothing), I'll probably go get it checked out. 

So that's it. Not very inspiring this week. 

How are your summer exercise programs treating you?

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