Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Goals Recap 2

If you missed the first summer fitness goals posts, you can find them here:

So far, I'm chugging along just fine! 
 (I've been contemplating buying this one for weeks now - what do you think?)

Ok, on to the goals: 

Goal 1: Run 60 miles in the month of May

Result: SMASHED! I ran 72.5 miles in the month of may! I hope to keep it up for June, and I also plan to do a little more speedwork. There is a race in July that I'm hoping to blow a little bit out of the water...but more on that in a later post. 

Goal 2: Build towards one 50 mile bike ride by the end of August

Result: Progress has been made. Last summer the longest ride I went on was 36 miles. This summer, I'm already up to 30 miles on my tiny white bike. I have a race on Saturday, so I've been taking it easy on the cycling the past 2 weeks...rides have been ~20-25 miles and not too fast. 
Goal 3: Swim 5x per month

Result: Crap. I made it to the pool 3x, totaling  4400 m for the month of May, but that's not good enough. More swimming will have to happen this month! 

Goal 4: 100 pushup challenge

Result: This is another in progress goal. I have completed 80 toes/20 knees so far. I have a feeling that 100 on my toes is looming soon. After that: sets of 20! As a side note, my shoulders and collarbone DO NOT LIKE this challenge. It doesn't just crackles. Scar tissue maybe? 

Ok, this is a short one because I have some fun posts on the way...a race recap, a post on toxic materials that we ingest, and hopefully some new, healthy recipes. Have a good day! 

What is your favorite summer salad? It's gotten hot and I'm craving all things cool and refreshing!

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