Monday, June 6, 2011

My Obsession

The time has come for me to admit that I am an addict.

  This girl. Addict.

My addiction is expensive. It's kind of bad for the environment. It makes me look 'old'. It's unneccesary. I thought I had it under control. Then, this happened.

In my defense, they were $1.50 off their normal price, per 12 pack. I saved $4.50. flavors!

I love mineral water. I know, it's unneccesary. I could drink tap water. It'd be less expensive. And people (like my students) would judge me less. They think I'm soooooooo old. Despite all of this, I still love it. And I tell myself it's healthier than drinking diet soda. At least it's not filled with artificial sweeteners...just bubbles. And love.

Obviously my addiction is so strong that I can't even control myself to use the perforated easy-open flap. I just had to tear right in!

If you haven't had the flavored mineral waters, they aren't sweet. They just have the essence of that flavor. The mandarin orange flavor is refreshing with an orange essence. The raspberry is just slightly berry-eque. The pomegranite cherry tastes like fruit roll-up without the sugar. They also have unflavored and lemon-lime flavor. I stopped at 3, but the sale is going to keep going until Tuesday. I'm trying to decide if I need more...what do you think...?

Disclaimer: Canada Dry does not sponsor me in any way, shape, or form. I paid for these all by myself. But, I will say that I would place a Canada Dry sticker on my laptop, my bicycle helmet, even my butt if they wanted to give me a discount on my expensive habit ;)

So...what's your addiction or obsession?

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  1. that sounds, and looks, amazing (especially today). Do you know if they use regular (fluoridated/tap) water and then carbonate it? If it's actually from a spring somewhere, I shall get myself to HyVee :)