Sunday, February 6, 2011


I was fiance-less for the past 36 hours, and it was glorious!

The fiance went to Chicago to see some friends and I am happy to report he was back in time to catch the last half of the Superbowl (Yay Packers! My dad will be thrilled!). I did really enjoy having some time to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

Here is what I did:


 Job two and a half good hits!

Got ready and ran to work (3+ miles)
Did some work. Was amused my my labmate's kiddo. She was watching 'The Princess and the Frog' on her mom's laptop and laughing ruckusly!
Ran back by another way and was greeted by uncleared sidewalks (grrrrrrrrr! 3+ more miles)

Ate leftover Pizzalad.

Found out what these creatures do all day. For the record, the Siamese sleeps 20+ hours per day and spends the rest of the time running around nervously. The black one is amazingly active. She sleeps about 15 hours per day and the runs around testing gravity for the rest of the day.

Practiced by job talk. With a remote that a friend lent me.
Lyra wanted to help. Actually, she normally curls up and sleeps while I work on my computer, so I was curious about why she was all over me. It turns out that the remote has a laser pointer on it. I was practicing with it, but I couldn't see the beam since the living room was so bring. NEVER. MISUNDERESTIMATE. CAT. VISION. Whoa.

Then, she found 'her' laser pointer.

Crazy cat. I played with her and bought myself at least a few extra hours of sleep this morning.

I watched the next installment of 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' movie...which is in Swedish. Don't worry, it's subtitled. I am not fluent in Swedish. The movies are really good, and I am skeptical that when the big blockbusters come out in the next year that they will do the series justice. Then I went straight to bed.

This morning I woke up with a ridiculous sugar craving, and I made chocolate PB oats. So good. I actually couldn't finish it all.

I went to the gym and worked 30 interval-filled minutes on the elliptical. This was impressive since I REALLY wanted to bail on the workout. And then I got some more work done before the fiance got back. I think I'm ready for tomorrow!

By the way, this one really missed the fiance -
She is curled up on a pile of his clothes. She also curled up in his blankets. And when he got home and sat down, she was all up in his business. They have a torrid love affair.

Ok, in the morning I leave for my job interview. Think good luck thoughts my way!

Are you ready for Valentine's day? What should I get the fiance?


  1. Best of luck on the interview! Tell them you watched a Swedish movie in the weekend and leave out the part about the subtitles... that'll impress them :)

    That pizza almost looks like a heart! It looks yummy :D

  2. Good luck Ms. Doc! You are super awesome!!