Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sneak Peak: 7 days of salads

Hi everyone. I had a great interview - thanks for the support. I really felt the love! I will know about that position in about 2 weeks! In the meantime, I got a call today to set up a phone interview for another position next week. Plus, I have about 4 more positions that I'd like to get out before the end of the month. Wheeeeeeeee!

With all this stress, I'm really seeing the stomach aches and water weight in my tummy, so I'm going to do my very first blog challenge!

Introducing: 7 Days of Salads Challenge

The idea: Clean up my diet and challenge myself to eat more vegetables. I plan to eat 2 salads per day (either as a side or a main dish) for 7 days. I will challenge myself to eat a mixture of salads - some healthy, some less healthy - and try to stay satisfied while I do it. At the end of the week, I will hopefully have a new variety of recipes and feel better. Feel free to have your own challenge or just laugh at me while I try to fit my meals within the rules.

Tonight, I got excited and couldn't help myself. I made a dinner salad, which I will post on Friday, but I wanted to give you a clue what was in it....this ugly thing:


Have a great end of your week. What are your Feb 14th plans?

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  1. I am stumped as to the mystery ingredient (um, gummy AquaLife? Now THAT would be a satisfying salad! :)) but intrigued!