Saturday, July 3, 2010

Race Announcements!

I've committed to two races this summer and am entertaining two more this fall:

Up first: Midnight Madness Road Race 10k.

 Link HERE if you want to sign up!

I'm not too worried about this one, but my I do plan to take a break from running most of this week to let my arch bruise heal. Expect lots of cross training until next weekend!

This next one is the big one: Waseca 1/3 Ironman Triathlon Race. August 1, 2010.


Distance: 1 mile swim (no problem), 34 mile bike (ehhhhh....), 8.8 mile run (usually NP, but after that bike ride...?)
My plan is to finish and enjoy myself. I'm not even allowing myself to talk about time goals!

Other races in the future - Cyman Sprint Tri in September, and Des Moines 1/2 Marathon in October. I'll let you know when I finally sign up for those.

I'll do a food post tomorrow (so I can highlight some of the fun partying planned for later today!!!), but here's the Eating Requires Activity for the week:

ERA: Tuesday 1500m swim, power lifting class 1 hr; Wednesday 17 mile bike + walk 1.5 hours!; Thursday off; Friday 3.25 miles speedwork (last mile held between 8:15-8min/miles!), 1500 m swim.

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