Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Momentarily derailed.

So...I'm cruising along, feeling great, doing 2-a-day workouts three or four days a week, prepping for a big race, eating well...and then BAM! I get sick.

I finished the midnight madness race on Saturday feeling unusually tired, but I attributed it to the heat and humidity and just went home early from the after party. I didn't really run that fast (58:30 isn't terribly fast for me), but it was hot (I estimate 78-82 F), and humid. I drank a lot of water, I ate a banana. I did everything right. But at midnight, I had huge waves of nausea followed by full-body cramps. I eventually fell asleep to wake up to horrible body cramps at 5am. The only way to be comfortable was to sleep on the floor. I stayed home from work Sunday, barely was able to work Monday, and today I'm just beginning to feel normal again. What did I have? Probably some bug (virus or bacteria) that was exacerbated by mild dehydration from the race.

I hope you can forgive me for not taking pictures of anything I've eaten in the last few days. I can sum it up pretty easily with this list:
White rice
Goldfish crackers
Toast with jam
Soup, Soup, and more Soup
Assorted fruits
Low-cal gatorade

As you can imagine, I've also not exercised since the race on Saturday. Tonight I was promised company on a short walk outside and maybe some easy yoga to stretch my crampy muscles out. I hope that I feel good when I wake up tomorrow, but I probably won't be doing any high intensity cardio for a few more days.

Don't fret! I'll be back with more interesting posts soon. I probably will skip my science-themed post this week, but I've got some exercise and supplement themed posts in the works. I'm also returning to my hometown this weekend to go to a friend's bridal shower and make my family some canned raspberry jam...so stay posted, as I'm going to have a HOMEMADE raspberry jam giveaway early next week.

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