Sunday, July 4, 2010

Foiled Again!

A set of pictures from each side of my apartment. Beautiful sunrise to the east, stormy weather approaching from the west. Bike ride = cancelled. 

This is the most recent in a series of disappointments this week. On Thursday, I woke up with a horrible stomachache, tried to run and couldn't, and later tried to run, but only made it around the block because my legs weren't responding. I had to cancel a spinning date for Friday, but I felt better so I did 3 miles of gradient speedwork (9.5 min/mile - 8 min mile), and I swam 1500m. THEN Sat morning I woke up with another stomachache AND my arch hurt (see this post for the arch explanation). I tried to run, and I was so uncomfortable, I stopped immediately. I think I could've dealt with either the stomachache OR the arch problems, but both killed my concentration. I actually spent a good deal of time on the couch with some ginger ale. Today I had to cancel my bike ride because of the crazy storms rolling across Iowa. You don't want to be stuck out in the open on a bike with one of these storms coming... why am I getting these annoying stomachaches? It has everything to do with what I've been eating. This is gratifying AND annoying at the same time. It means I'm finally back to eating healthfully so often that when I overindulge, my body rejects it. However, it would be nice to not have to watch what I eat or plan around parties and indulgent options. On Wednesday night, we went shopping and I had eaten a really late lunch, so I wasn't hungry at all. I ended up eating a wrap and some greasy chips from the co-op in town (FACT: not everything at the co-op is good for you! It can still contain lots of fat!) and I had a banana cupcake and some noodles in garlic oil when I got home.

These were made with the fiance earlier this week using this recipe and Laura's mom's frosting. Aren't they cute?

Overall wrap + chips + cupcakes + oil in noodles = too much fat for one night. Le sigh.

Friday night also contained a delicious spread of overindulgence. Again, all technically healthy, but too much for my tummy. Check out the spread:

Garlic Chickpea Dip + pickled veg platter

Food Should Taste Good Multigrain chips + cantelope + strawberries (both local!)

White wine. Too much. Don't ask.

Tomatoes + Basil (from my porch!) + basil/garlic oil dip + creole crab cheese dip.

Bread to tie it all together.

Yesterday I recovered on the couch, drank gingerale, and kept my food clean and minimal. Then we went to a 'White Trash 4th of July Bash' at a friend's house. I kept partying to a minimum. I had a hamburger + a couple bites of the fiance's hotdog with mustard and relish. I also had a bunch of 'Food Should Taste Good' sweet potato chips, watermelon, and celery/carrots with 1.5 beers and a lot of diet soda over the course of 7+ hours. Coupled with a LONG night of sleep, I'm feeling pretty good right now. Here are the highlights: 

(Fake baby belly - she's playing beer pong for the hilarity of it).

Then the rest of my week was full of pretty normal food, so I'll only explain the interesting ones.

Veggie Burger, LTO, mustard.

1/2 c rice, 3/4 c beans in curry spices, mango pickle. Amazing.


Which is covering 1 c of this (good for 90 second rice, but if I had time, I'd make my own).

Tuna salad with french dressing and o-noodles.

Salad with garbanzos, bleu cheese + homemade raspberry vinagrette. Leftover cup of rice. Apple + PB.

Finally, a trip to the new Mongolian Grill restaurant in town. It's pretty good and they have healthy options.

I ate the 4 small pieces and donated the big one across the way. The fruit was all mine.

Again, all the veggies, gave away the big piece.

All the veggies, a small amount of rice noodles (all to one side in this pic), 1/2 c of squid. Some sauce, very little oil.

I approve. Any restaurant that allows personalization is an in with me. The fiance liked it a lot so we'll probably be back.

Coming this week: a post on fats. Sorry it took so long, I find them a little uninspiring. 
Midnight Madness 10k! 
Some creative recipes with white beans! 

You'll find the ERA for this week on the Race Announcements post. Hope your weekend was relaxing!

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  1. If anyone is curious, my shirt says "I got Bourbon faced on sh*t street." Classy, I know, but that is one of a few souvenirs I still have from a New Orleans trip we took together.