Saturday, August 20, 2011

A new kind of lifestyle

I have survived my first week of work! In fact, I feel alert, exhilarated, and really, really tired. BUT this job is more wonderful than I could've imagined. Here are the highlights (and some exercise, science, and food fun thrown in).

I live 3/4 of a mile from work, which is about a 15 minute walk or a 10 minute bike ride including all the crossings. The 'Steel Beast' is still acting up, so I carry a ratchet  with me. Yes, I'm that awesome. I'm the girl with a ratchet. Anyway, it's kind of awesome to have 20-30 minutes of exercise build into my day.

Living separately from the fiance is lame and boring. I eat the same things everyday because no one tells me that I can't.

...that said, I've lost weight again and it might be from the food and it might be from the exercise. Either way, I would really enjoy another 10 lbs off this semester.We'll see if that happens for me.

So, this is what I normally eat:

Bed of spinach, rice, salmon, Japanese eggplant sauteed in teryaki sauce.

Oh! And I found this preservative free and amazing soy-sauce. It's kosher...and MSG free...maybe it might be ok for people who are sensitive to MSG? In any case, it was low calorie and tasted amazing as well. Two points for SoyVei!

Ok, I lied. I don't actually cook like that most of the time. I make a giant pot of rice and MOST of my meals are rice/beans/lettuce/salsa with the occasional treat of cheese or avocado. Delicious, but not the most interesting.Or photogenic.

Moving on...
This is kind of what I wear to work. Slacks with a dressed-down top OR jeans with a dressed up top. I tried a totally dressed up look for my first day, but decided it was too much...

Cute, but too dressy. I'll save it for another occasion.

I have a giant office (wheeeeeeee!!) and more drawers than I know what to do with, but I do have several predetermined drawers:
1) Tenure drawer: For documents that will win me job security.
2) Class drawer: For students that I advise and documents associated with the classes I teach.
3) Administration drawer: For things that I better not lose OR ELSE!
4) Snack drawer. Because by 4pm I need a snack. My favorite addition:

I also have some PB filled pretzels and some dried pineapple. These get me to 5-6pm and the commute home.

Speaking of food, lunch was provided every day this week. Luckily, academia usually promotes healthier lifestyles, so they had good arrays of cut fruits, veggies, and usually some kind of sandwich-type foods. It was fine, but my veggie consumption was pretty narrow (especially since I ate beans and rice with salad for dinner 3 nights out of four). So, I'm determined to do a little better next week. I did a little prep work this morning in anticipation:
Cut Honeydew
My dad left this at my house when he came last week. He also left the appropriate chicken to marinade, too (thanks Dad!). So, I'm marinating some chicken...
...and a big pot of rice to go with it (and obviously required for beans + rice when I run out of chicken).
My dad also left a bunch of zucchini, peppers, and onions so I figured I can make a chopped veggie hash to go with the chicken. 
Cleaned fruits and veggies for juices

Yummmm....this one had some kale from the fridge in it. And a nib of ginger. 

Finally, I'm making pesto for quick weeknight dinners. The beauty of pesto is that you can freeze it, unlike fresh basil. The oil (and I only use 1-2 tbsp in a double batch) allows the volatiles that give basil its amazing taste to go into the mix

It has a 1-year shelf life, but I doubt it'll last that long. Think about a spread to jazz up some sandwiches, marinade some chicken or pork, or tossed with pasta + beans + tomatoes for a lovely side dish. Yummmm! 

Ok friends, I have to go study....
Oh yeah. I might be done with my formal education, but I'll never be done studying. That particular binder contains the details of our health, dental, life insurance policies as well as our retirement plans. I have to make choices, but this is not my it's time to study up!

How do you prepare for the upcoming week?

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