Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I made the healthier choice...

Last night's facebook status update after a grueling 10-hour day of human resources explaining the intricacies of our health, life, dental, and retirement benefit plans (Please!? when do I get to go do science! soon as I sign up for this stuff, I suppose!):

Original plan for tonight: work until 6, eat dinner, go running. New plan: Work until 6, eat dinner, drink wine and write lesson plans...
I won't lie to you, blogging world. I wanted to have that glass of wine. But, after ingesting part of a greasepuddle this weekend (Restaurants use more fat and oil than you think is possible!), I knew my body really needed the better choice. I started a glass of wine, and after a while, I threw it down the sink. I got some water, worked on my lesson plans until I didn't feel the alcohol in my system anymore and went for a run/walk. 
I made the healthier choice
 Why? Because the wine was going to help me relax, but it wouldn't make me feel better the next day. The run also made me relax and I feel great today because I didn't drink last night. For me, the tradeoff was worth it. 
What healthier choice have you made lately? Let's celebrate those choices. Your body appreciates them, and so does your community. 


  1. I'm glad you got your run in! How's training going with everything else you got going on right now? Are we still on for the 16 mile run next weekend?

  2. I made the unhealthy choice last night and poured myself a big glass of wine, made a single serve brownie, and stayed up too late.

    Today, I will make the healthier choice of running + teaching spin class.

  3. When things get tough for me, and I need to adjust, I always try to pick the "healthy lifestyle" thing that matters to me and make that happen.

    So, for example, right now I need exercise more than anything else. I get less cooking done as the trade off, but for right now that's fine.

    I think that, by choosing what's more important to you and sticking to that, rather as you have done by choosing running rather than "wining" (geddit? I couldn't help myself, I love puns), you will feel more in control and indeed stronger as a result. Make sense?

    Loving your blog. Keep at it ;)