Saturday, August 27, 2011

Crazy, crazy, craziness

Well. I'm getting busy again. I'm the kind of busy where my to-do list is so long that it literally doesn't matter what I do because even the smallest task gets something checked off the list. This is roughly the same situation I had when I was finishing my Ph.D. Neverending work! At least now I have some fun students to keep me entertained.

I teach biochemistry, which may sound terrifying, but is pretty fun. I do a lot of inclass activities, so I figure I'll share them with you all after we do them. I'll explain what's going on, since many of the topics assume a strong chemistry background. But that could be fun...maybe we'll all learn something?

Otherwise, this is what I've been up to:
Still carrying my ratchet...gotta get that bike looked at!

I'm a terrible food blogger lately. I ate the marinated chicken, veggies, and rice I told about for about three days straight. I ran out last night, so I had to think fast in order to have a lunch to pack. My friend Maggie makes a lot of frittatas, so I asked her via gchat if she could tell me what to do. So I sauteed some onion, yellow pepper, and zucchini together in a pan with some fresh basil and oregano...took a picture...and promptly forgot to take pics of the rest. So, the final product in a very unglamorous tupperware is what you get. Final product had 4 eggs, some parmesan, and around 1 oz of chopped turkey lunchmeat. It is actually pretty good. Eggs do the trick! I added a salad for fiber, but I think I needed more carbs. I was starving 3 hours later.
 I found this super tiny bottle of balsamic for my office. That's a 6 oz coffee mug (You can see an 8oz one in white in the background). I usually bring salad dressings and condiments in little plastic bags, but vinegar smells terrible in the trash. 90% of the time I just want a splash of balsamic anyway. I figure I can bring a baggie when I want something else!
 I'm also back on the soda bandwagon after pretty much being soda-free all summer. I used to allow myself to get it when we went out for a meal, but lately I have been craving it so badly. The interesting thing is that they contain so much sodium and I can tell that I feel thirstier after I drink one. So, I drink a lot of water, too. In my awesome metal waterbottle (gotta love race swag). But soda is a 'treat', albeit calorie-free.
Yes, still a coffee fiend too, but just in the AM and usually about half the travel mug. Coffee isn't that bad for you (I drink it black), and I keep the rest of my caffeine in check.

Finally, the weather sucks here. Humidity came back and is killing my hair. I can't get a good hair day for anything....
Frizzy even post-flatironing!

Going to a wedding back in Iowa this weekend and then we'll see what's up for next week. Take care blog-world!
Anybody have a cure for humidity-frizz?

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