Friday, August 19, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Steel Beast Edition

I couldn't help it. The name was just too fun :)

My lovely bike, 'Steel Beast', got it's 'ultimate commuter' makeover to become my 'go-to-work' bicycle.

This bike was in tough shape. You can't see the damage from this angle, but here are some closeups:

The seat was all torn up...

The chain was rusted and the gears were all out of whack.

This bike was once a great bike: it is an old steel touring bicycle from the 80's. It once saved my life, as I was hit by a car (T-boned) and the bicycle took damaged, but it and that in itself probably saved my life. I was thrown off rather than pinned under a car. Since then, it's taken a few winters outside and sustained some damage. But I saw that it could once again be great. 

I took it to the bike shop and got a new chain, new gear lines, and got it tuned. I then got on the internet and ordered some 'ultimate commuter' accessories. I got some saddlebag baskets and a new seat. Check out the Steel Beast!
I took him out for an inaugural ride a while ago...

And during that ride, the pedal bolt broke!AhhhhH!

The exact bolt couldn't be found at the hardware store, but I think I have something that will work in the short term. Hopefully my 'fast-fix' holds for the 0.75 mile commute in the morning!

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  1. Awesome - I'm super happy the steel beast got a makeover, it deserves a treat after saving your life! ;)