Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We be flooding!

I'm going to have to interrupt (errr...postpone) the regularly scheduled posting because IOWA IS UNDERWATER.

 No joke. Where is Kevin Costner when we need him?

My family of cats and fiances are fine. We did watch the water on the street outside our apartment rise over a foot last night, but we got the cars moved and our apartment is dry. However, we absolutely cannot get to work. Because my fiance is concerned about my internet safety, I can't show you a real map. This is the jist of it. The blue house icon is where I live. The yellow star is work. The blue lines are roads. The red lines are flooded roads.

I also can't leave my town, which I hope reconciles itself before Saturday. Literally we are lucky to not be underwater because everything around us in any direction are actually underwater. And I can't get an oil change because ALL OF THE CAR PLACES RESIDE ON THE FLOOD PLANE (poor city planning, people!). Hoping this all reconciles itself before I need to drive anywhere on Saturday. Or I'll just drive to MN, get an oil change at some random place, and then continue on my way.

Anyway, so please think helpful thoughts towards the people who are suffering, out of power, or out of their homes. It's awful out. It's supposed to be 100 degrees today. Thankfully no more rain today or tomorrow, but it'll start up again on Friday. I'll give ya'll some updates when I can.

Peace and Love.

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