Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sneak peak: What to do during a flood crisis...


Just some pics to make you smile...

Take cushions off the couch, pin the sheet or blanket in several  locations, and add cushions for lift and support.

Crawl inside.

 Yes, the fiance participated.

We tried to defend against kitten intruders. However, Lyra found our weak points and crawled in. 

She actually liked the tent more than we did. She was purring the entire time.

Tent building is also an appropriate activity for giant snowstorms, rainy days that lead to power outages, and general high stress periods. Or if you have little kids, I suppose.

Back tomorrow with a real post!


  1. Please no more pictures of my cousin's crotch staring at the camera...

    But yay, forts!

  2. Adorable post! I miss fort-building :(

    I just stumbled across your blog this morning, and I've enjoyed reading several of your entries... As a fellow 'scientist' (although, as a PhD student, I still feel like a total fraud when I call myself a scientist!) I really enjoy how you incorporate the science behind food and nutrition into your blog.