Monday, August 23, 2010

Eating healthy at Dad's house

Just like any vacation, it's tough to stay on track when I go to my Dad's house. My family eats pretty healthy, but there are suddenly a million new choices for my breakfast lunch and dinner. I'll show you what I ate, when I indulged, and how I balanced it out over the course of my week at Dad's house. 

First: Eat a good breakfast!
Every morning, I started with a piece of fruit or two, some yogurt, and 1/4 c of rolled oats. Lots of fiber, fruit, protein. Super filling. Really delicious. 

Second: Choose balanced snacks! If I wanted a salty snack, I'd balance it with veggies (my brother ate at least 1/2 of the chips + cheese, but he didn't touch the salad!) or I'd eat a banana with protein like PB to keep from getting hungry again. 

 Another idea was to help my brother make granola. We made it with oats, almonds, craisins, sugar, butter, vanilla, and nutmeg. Sure, it's high calorie, but it's a better choice than a candy bar! It has a good balance of protein and fiber, and I tried to keep the sugar and fat content in check! 

Third: Do some of the cooking! My dad is king of the kitchen, so it's hard to get in. I bargained and agreed to  make dinner before he got home from work, but I had to make the meals he wanted. I healthified some recipies to make them more my style.

I made stuffed peppers with peppers from the garden - 93% lean, brown rice, onions, peppers, herbs, tomatoes, tomato sauce, and seasoning. Topped with a thin layer of cheddar at the end.

Then there was the lentil bhujia. Dad insisted I try this recipe. It took 2.5 hours to make. I decided that it wasn't good enough to even blog about. But I ate it as leftovers with a pepper, so here is a picture. 
Fourth: When all else fails, eat lots of veggies!

Here is a perfect example - Dad made steak and mashed potatoes for dinner. I roasted some broccoli, so I had a small amount of the high calorie foods and a lot of veggies + a salad. 

Otherwise, I just made sure to get lots of veggies in!

Fifth: EXERCISE! Here is my P90X setup. Cans = decent weights. I also ran 15 miles over the course of the week and walked the dog, did yoga, and danced at the wedding.

Finally: Enjoy the indulgences. It was my youngest brother's 14th Bday, so we had cake and ice cream! Totally worth it!

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