Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Detox recap and new goals

After 21 days of detox, I feel GREAT. I did REALLY enjoy that glass of wine (and that pitcher of beer) when it was over, though.

The highlight reel of 3 weeks of clean eating and no alcohol:

The Good: 
-My stomach pains = gone
-I lost 3 lbs and even after an indulgent night of drinking, this dress is wayyyyyyy loser in the hips and tummy than it was 2 months ago.
-I feel much more in control and am back to my 90% healthy, 10% indulgent ways

The Bad: 
-I got the flu (like true influenza, not the stomach variety) during the detox, which makes me think that my immune system may not have been functioning properly. Possibly Vit D deficiency?
-After the flu left, I have had insomnia again. I'm getting 2-5 hours of sleep per night. Ugh. 

The Ugly:
-As per the usual, when I clean up my diet, my GI tract always freaks out about anything out of the ordinary, so transitioning back is going to be tough.
-There were days that I would have killed for cupcakes and beer. I seriously want them EVERYDAY. How I can I limit that to an indulgence when I always WANT ONE!?

Anyway, so that's over. Now on to the new goals.
Last summer, I did a 1/3 Ironman race and loved it.
And I immediately declared that I wanted to do that race over again AND do a 1/2 Ironman race this summer. In fact, I declared I wanted it to be MY BEST RACE YEAR EVER.

In fact, my plans as declared in that post were:

At least three half-marathons and a series of triathlons growing up to a half-iron distance race. 

Well friends, I am done with half-marathon 2 of three for the spring, so I'm pretty sure I'll be able to finish that up. The triathlons, though, those are going by the wayside.

It seems I need to revamp my goal.

What happened? Life! I got a new job, but in order to obtain a lease in that town, I needed a June 1 lease start date even though I will still be working and living at my old job until August 1. This means double leases in June and July. Plus, I will have 2 weeks unpaid in August before I start my new job. I am working hard to make sure my savings account can weather that storm by putting as much money into it as possible.

Because we'll have double leases, we are going to do some travelling to my new home in June and July (we're calling it a summer home and hope to spend weekends there), which also requires funds. Gas is expensive. Races are expensive. I've chosen to give up races that aren't already paid for (or right here in town) to save some money.

I understand some of you may think this is a poor choice or that there should be some way to be able to race and beef up my savings at the same time. That's just not how I see it. I could maybe do a Team in Training or DetermiNation type fundraiser for some races, but the bottom line is that I wouldn't be doing that for the right reasons...and if all I did were 5ks, this wouldn't be an issue. Triathlons are expensive and not just in the actual cost of the race. Keeping your bike up, getting supplies, travelling and other minor things like shoes and gear make tri racing expensive. I've come to terms with the fact that this isn't the right summer for me to be doing these things.

Instead, I'd like to reach out the blog community for some goal sharing ideas. I want to give myself some challenge goals to keep my fitness up this summer. They need to be cheap, local, and hopefully fun. I have one that I really, really want to do: A 50 mile bike ride. That seems fun, local, and cheap. Plus, it's a challenge since the longest bike ride I've ever done was 36 miles.

Suza at More To Life Than This suggested a 100 pushup challenge. I'm thinking that could be fun, too!

I also think that I'd like to make a monthly running mileage goal of 60 miles (which is just moderate, I know) so that I don't lose my running fitness.

I'm really open to suggestions? Maybe a yoga centric one? Swimming? Trying some fun, new exercise? A certain number of sessions of Bodyrock or something? Please, send me your ideas. Also, if you want to do some group challenge and report our progress to eachother, I'm totally into it! Just let me know. Remember...the goals are fun, local, and cheap (whatever is cheap to you).

Thanks for the help and support everyone!


  1. My gym was having a 150minute/week challenge... which is a half hour 5 days a week. It didn't sound like much, but it adds up!

    Let me know what day you'll be doing your 50mile bike ride. I would love to attempt a longer distance as well!! :)

  2. Great idea, Frannie. Of course the first suggestion that comes to mind is to come to some yoga classes :) (there will be a new 2-hr "yoga strength" one this summer, if that sounds up your alley). I tried the 100 pushup challenge and found it hard to adhere to, but it's a great setup. (there's one for crunches too, I believe...)