Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm Starting!

After finishing my Ph.D. this spring, I have really been floundering in the 'life' department. I gave up many of my hobbies for the last year of grad school, and I'm looking for a new, intellectually stimulating hobby that doesn't involve 1) running or 2) I'm currently involved in an escalating cycle of abuse that involves running more because I'm cooking more, and cooking more because I'm hungry from running's exhausting!

I've been following food blogs since I began by own weight-loss journey in 2007. I really love the support network of healthy lifestyle blogs and I continually read some of my favorites. I've thought about including myself in this mix for a while, but have struggled with where I fit...surviving graduate school (No, Kelly has that covered...), eating real food (Kath is the queen there!), reiterating my funny life through food (I could never be as clever as Mama Pea), or being a healthy lifestyle mogul (Gina and Emily are my idols!). I'm not vegetarian or vegan, like Caitlin or Ryan, and I don't like bacon (ahem, soon to be cousin-in-law). I could cover life after graduation, but I think Meghann does it better. Really, I'm just me and hopefully that's good enough.

I hope to make this blog about healthy living and eating...with a science twist. I spend a bunch of time commenting on the legitimacy of all these scientific studies that lead people towards new health kicks and treatments when really I should be telling people how awesome their lives are and how much I value their blogs. So, I'm going to take on the media and try to clarify some cool science while I blog about my constant efforts to live a healthy life in the lab.


  1. SECOND!

    You only got first because she likes you best.