Monday, April 18, 2011

Ames Cupcake Emporium

It's funny that I'm doing this post during my detox, because as of day 3, this is basically off limits to me. But what's a little torture? I already lived through grad school!

What are we talking about? Ames Cupcake Emporium.

It's a cute little shop on Main St. in Ames, IA (north-central, 30 minutes north of Des Moines). They serve the kind of cupcakes our moms and grandmas made...but that you can't just buy in the grocery store. This store was a great decision, in my opinion, because Ames is lacking in a traditional bakery. They have a Dutch Bakery (also delicious) and some grocery stores, but nothing with charm and character like a good, old-fashioned cupcakery!

Ames Cupcake Emporium opened about a year ago? Maybe just over a year ago. It's become a really great afternoon date location when the fiance and I want to get up and go somewhere. They serve cupcakes of a variety of styles and flavors. Some are filled, some are topped, some are flavored in the batter, some are flavored in the frosting. The owner really has some great ideas...I've had the beer flavored cupcake, the salted caramel blackberry chocolate cupcake, the red velvet, the strawberry...the list goes on and on! I really like that they are open 6 days per week and have as many awesome 'regular' flavors as they do 'special' flavors. Their flavor menu looks like this:

Everyday: Classic Chocolate, Classic Vanilla, Red Velvet
  Mon-Wed: White Chocolate Raspberry
  Thu-Sat: Peanut Butter Cup 

Everyday there are some specialty flavors as well as the ones listed above, so you can't go wrong! Plus, they have amazing, hip decor!
The owner got her AA in WELDING during the recent recession here in Iowa. Not only a marketable skill, but an awesome addition to the art in her store.
They also serve homemade soups, sandwiches, and pizza from a local pizza shop. It's really a local experience. My favorite thing about the store is that they serve their soda in bottles out of a 1960's fridge. It really is all about ambiance!
You can buy cupcakes for eating in the store (the fiance and I usually get ours with coffee and sit and admire the art), or get to-go boxes. I heard the ladies were trying to figure out a way to ship the cupcakes, but I'm not sure that they have that totally sorted out (feel free to comment if you know better than I do!).
So, if you're in the mood for a delicious cupcake in an awesome atmosphere, you should try Ames Cupcake Emporium. And if you need anymore's a giant 'NOM' of approval from the fiance.

Do you have a favorite local store or restaurant?

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