Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm out!

You get a weekend post a little early this week, but there's a caveat: I'm out! I have a work conference from Saturday-Thursday this week, which means I'll miss my cycling class (darnit!), my lab, my cats, my blog, and of course, my fiance!

Where am I going? Beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada!
 Yeah, that place looks a lot like Miami, but it's WINTER, and it's going to be COLD. Oh well, it's still going to be warmer than Iowa. Thank you, Ocean!

In my absence, the fiance requested that I stock the fridge with things to keep him fed and happy. Since I buy the groceries and do most of the cooking, this is the least I could do. Plus, since I'm gone, he gets to indulge in a few bachelor-treats. Look at what I got him:
I swear he used to be a completely functional bachelor, but I think he subsisted on a lot of frozen skillet-in-a-bag meals and pizza. I got him some of his favorites and some things that I'm hoping he will use as inspiration to cook (rather than going to Arby's).
Pretzel sticks (2x) 
Corn for popping
Peppers (2x)
Kiwi (5x)
Sliced Ham
Bratwurst (2x)
Cheddarwurst (2x)
Skor bars (3x, I love you honey)
Frz cauliflower
Frz broccoli
Canned pineapple (2x)
Canned ready-to-eat soup (2x)
Pasta (2x)
Spaghetti sauce (2x)
Grated parmesan

This list also serves as a friendly reminder of all the food I left him when he promptly forgets. And it seems like a lot of food, but he really might eat all of that in six days. I might have already helped with the grapes, though ;)

And you know, my friendly blog friends, I wouldn't leave you without a delicious recipe for your weekend. I got this idea from this month's Health Magazine - it's a parmesan potato scramble. I totally didn't follow the recipe, but the idea sounded delicious and perfect for after a hard cycling class.
 Though I can't wear one, I love, love, love the return of these super-cute pixie haircuts!

I digress.

First, you melt butter or your favorite butter substitute in a frying pan:
I used about 1/2 tbsp of smart balance. Then, I added 1/2 a small onion and some minced garlic.
Brown it a little. Then add 2 grated potatoes. I grated these the night before, so they are a little brown.
I smashed these down into the pan to form a nice crispy crust, then I mixed them up and did it again. Total cook time ~8 minutes. Then I added eggs. I used 2 eggs + 2 egg whites, mixed.
It looks gross now, but it gets better! I waited until I was 99% sure the eggs were cooked and added 1/4 c shredded parmesan, salt, pepper, and 2 cups of raw spinach.

I mixed it all together and once again smashed it into the pan to brown. After about 2 minutes, I had a nicely browned frittata-like concoction.
Finally, I served myself some to eat with a clementine.

It was like a diner breakfast - hash browns or country potatoes with scrambled eggs, except you get your veggies in there and way less fat. It also held me over for 6 hours until lunch, so I was really happy with this breakfast!

Ok, I'm off to get some work done and finish packing for my trip. Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

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  1. I am so excited to try this because I have all the ingredients!! Yay :)