Friday, October 1, 2010

Halftime Entertainment

Since I won't be blogging seriously for a few more days, I thought I'd update you with a tiny post...mostly so you don't give up on me!



Ever since I cleaned up my diet three years ago, my dinners have been very planned, measured, with every nutrient accounted for...or they were splurges with the intent to splurge. This was neither. I got home from weightlifting class after skipping the Zumba class because I was too hungry. I grabbed the first foods I could find (thus the bite out of my bagel). But, if you look closely, you'll see I actually didn't do too badly...

1 cup spaghetti sauce (~2 servings veggies)
1 tbsp parmesan + 1.5 tbsp light cream cheese (protein and fat)
Everything Bagel (carbs...probably 3 servings or so)
1/2 cantelope (2-3 servings fruit)

I assembled this meal by instinct, which just goes to show that if you train yourself to eat healthily, your body will do it when you aren't thinking about it. 

Also, quick science-y topic. I read this article on the elliptical and thought you might enjoy it. It's totally in everyday speak and highlights a seminar given on the science of stadium food that was given at Fenway Park in August. 

Ever wondered why popcorn pops? 

What exactly is in a hot dog? 

It also talks about ways scientists like to 'lighten up' their topics with some jokes and pop culture. It's just a page out of a magazine,so enjoy!

Take care! 

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