Sunday, October 24, 2010


Do you know what yesterday was in my household? It was our birthday-anniversary, or Birthdayversary! The fiance and I combine my birthday and our anniversary every year and have a big celebration instead of two smaller ones within a week. Yesterday we celebrated my 26th birthday and our 4 year anniversary. We had a fabulous day and I have some fun pictures to share with you.

But before I tell you about that, how about something funny. The fiance has lots of funny stories from when we first met. Evidently he was all about getting my attention and I was first oblivious and then unimpressed. Obviously he won me over and we are now best-friends-forever-forever (BF-cubed). But, on our first date, he took me to Applebees and then to Jackass 2. The movie about poop and penises. And he got a second date, but it was pretty rough for a while for him. ;) But, since Jackass 3D is in theatres, we went out to dinner and a movie on Friday night and celebrated our relationship all over again. Then, on Saturday morning, the fiance made me breakfast:

Egg-in-a-basket and applesauce. Juice and coffee on the side. Yumm.

Then I went to work for a few minutes (no, science doesn't take a day off because it's your birthday!) and while I was gone, the fiance prepared a special surprise.
That's an ice-cream cake. The holes are not finger-holes, but I'm not going to pretend I'm above picking the frosting off my own cake. They were from candles! And read what it says...we are very serious about our nomenclature!
We saved the ice-cream cake for later, and we went on our adventure. We went to a local park and had a picnic and hiked around. The food, company, weather, and sights were all perfect. Here are some snapshots...


 This rock made us think of a sleeping's like a profile view of the head. Do you see the eye, the mouth-line, and the nose? It was crazy how similar it appeared the longer we looked at it!

We came home and relaxed for a while and made some calls to our families. Then, we were supposed to go out to dinner, but we decided to drink some wine, eat some cake, and call it a night. We were too full from dinner, and by the time we got hungry, it was too late.

Magically, the best birthday present I got this weekend was sleep. I've been struggling with insomnia, and it felt amazing to sleep 12 hours last night - from 11pm to 11am. I feel so much better.

It was a fantastic weekend, but I'll be back to regular life tomorrow. Hope you have a great week!


  1. Happy Birthdayversary, Frannie! (PS - I love your blog :) )

  2. Happy Birthdayversary! Now I know I can send your present--Dusty didn't actually know the for sure day, just a nearby day. Probably because 1) it's not on Facebook and 2) you combine milestones like so. I'm glad you had such a fun weekend!