Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things I'm totally into right now...

I'm working furiously on a series of metabolism posts that I hope to put up this weekend. In the meantime, I hope to entertain you with some healthy and delicious things I'm loving this fall....

1. Cinnamon

 I'm not terribly into cinnamon most of the year...but autumn comes and I'm suddenly in love with cinnamony goodness paired with fresh apples, pumpkin, and deep, rich sweetbreads.

Cinnamon is also incredibly good for you. Cinnamon extract has been shown to regulate insulin signalling and is considered an effective, albeit unconventional diabetes treatment. 


2. Tea

I'm normally a coffee-aholic. I love the flavor, the body, the aroma...I don't love the stomachache and caffeine jitters. Every once in a while I have to take a break and drink some tea. I love Earl Grey and Irish Breakfast teas (both black) and Green tea with ginger. Later in the day, I'll enjoy herbal teas like Lemon Ginger and Lemon Lavendar Mint.

Tea has a whole laundry list of medical benefits. Tea antioxidants have anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and anticancer properties. Black and Green teas have been associated with increased metabolism and weight loss.

3.TAZA Chocolate
Oh MY GOSH. It's sweet. It's bitter. It's rich. It's amazing. I only need 1-2 pieces to feel completely satisfied. It's so amazing...and dangerous. Now I can't appreciate any other kind of chocolate.

4. Running

If you think this picture is of me, you should probably go check out my Doctor Who? page. I wish!

Confession: I am NOT a summer exercise person. In fact, triathlons are a direct result of HATING summer running. I distract myself with biking and swimming and then suffer through long, hot runs.

Cool crisp air, racing season, camaraderie. Fall reminds me of why I love running so much!

5. Tomatoes

I love vegetables during this time of year. Salads rarely taste better. My favorite way to eat tomatoes? Raw cherry and grape tomatoes DIRECTLY IN MY MOUTH. Yum. 

Tomatoes contain a variety of carotenoids. They act as antioxidants and precursors to important vitamins. 

6. Lentils

If you don't like the taste or texture of beans, I think lentils are for you. Plus, they have a very high protein to carbohydrate ratio - double that of chickpeas - making them a great source of lean proteins for vegetarians. They blend incredibly well into sauces, so it would be easy to sneak them into curries, spaghetti sauce, or soups. Yummmmmmm. 

7. Chili

Cooler weather makes me crave comfort foods, and the best comfort foods are thick, hearty, and rich. I love to make Turkey Chipotle Chili, and I plan to make some this weekend to share the recipe with you all. 

Chili contains powdered or extracted peppers - and the molecule that causes these to taste hot is capsaicin. Capsaicin is a potent anti-inflammatory. For some people, the effect can be as strong as cortisone. It can also relieve pain. On the flip side, you can get some nasty heartburn with too much hot food!

8. Oats
I don't think I've eaten oatmeal since April. It's been too darn hot. There is nothing as satisfying or filling as a bowl of oats. Paired with some fat and protein (like peanut butter), a bowl of oats can keep me full for hours.

The soluble fiber in oatmeal does a fantastic job of clearing toxins from your lower digestive tract.

9. Wine

I LOVE wine. I love a rich zinfandel or a peppery cabernet. I like my wine dry and deep. I just need to remember to keep my wine intake in moderation...sometimes 1/2 a bottle disappears and my body won't forgive me for a while. 

Wine is rich in flavinoids, which act as signalling molecules and antioxidants. Wine consumption also has a high correlation with lowering heart disease, but too much wine causes trouble for your liver and kidneys! Always moderation, people! 

10. My Dude
Which is why I have to go hang out with him now! Have a great night!

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  1. Great post doc, Its really funny that you like fall because I am just dreading it! It has been freezing cold here (literally) and raining like crazy! Friday was all rain. Anyway really liked your post keep it up!