Saturday, September 11, 2010


Another post to entertain you while I work on a series of metabolism posts...

On a typical day, I drop my laptop bag on the couch, and then I work on my laptop on the couch...writing posts, reading other blogs, doing work. I then hear this whispery scratch.....whooshwhooshwhoosh and I look to my right and see this:

(she's no damage)
She says WHAT! I'm obviously enjoying myself....and then proceeds to try to fit her tiny body inside the bag.
That's Bellatrix. She's my 6-year-old cross eyed Siamese...with limited social skills. She's pretty crabby and doesn't like to be held or touched too much. She likes being pet only on the head. Cons to this pet - She pukes a lot and is generally crabby. Pros - she's very empathetic. And low maintenance. And she doesn't know how to meow, so she makes these cute squeaky noises when she wants your attention. Endearing.

My other cat was once a wild animal. My parents found her and her sisters on their farm in the middle of winter when the dog was failing to eat them. Tiny kittens are very ferocious evidently. I went home at Christmas and was presented with three kittens and my brothers told me Dad would kill them if I didn't take one. My brothers are liars. Dad is a sucker. He looooovvvveeeesss cats and would never kill a healthy animal. I didn't realize this in time and came home +1 kitten.

Lyra is a strange little cat. She is very cuddly and cute, and she plays fetch and can keep herself entertained for hours. She also likes to sleep on the floor mat in the bathroom, but that's probably because I used to lock her in the bathroom of my studio apartment (it was the only room with a door!) at night because she would get the crazies and run around squeaking all night. I swear it didn't hurt her. It was a huge bathroom with a very comfortable carpet mat. She calmed right down and went to sleep. But that's not the strangest thing about her.
She likes spinach. A lot.

Anytime you pull the spinach out of the fridge, she's there. I make sure she gets her meat in her cat food (cats require meat...otherwise they go blind and their muscles deteriorate) but she really likes leafy greens. She'll eat lettuce too. And she has NO interest in tuna or chicken like normal cats. Strangely, her sister likes carbohydrates and we used to make her come out of her hiding spots by shaking Cherrios in a cup. But that one also eats mice and birds, so she's less strange

Ok, back to work. Happy Saturday!

Do you have any pets?

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  1. Ahhh, I totally agree! DC is a great place to visit ..wink wink :)

    Your cat is such a cutie. Funny, my puppy also LOVES spinach. He treats it as a toy for about 20 mins then eats it haha