Monday, September 12, 2011

#1 Reason not to eat junk food before bed... sleep poorly and wake-up with a 'food hangover'.

Ugh. Lesson (re)learned. No amount of delicious/devilish/high-sugar/high-fat food is worth the 'morning after' effect: bloating, excessive fullness, aches from poor sleep, and a slight headache no doubt leftover from the sugar-high I was feeling last night.

Think about it...some people feel like this every day and don't know why they feel so listless and sick. I am so grateful to know how to make myself feel better and to avoid feeling like this in the future. I just need the willpower to do it.

Also, the promised insomnia science post is half-written. I'm moving slow and this week is crazy, so hopefully you will see it before friday.

Do you get the dreaded food-hangover?


  1. hmm... nope, I don't think I've had a food hangover! (lucky me :) )
    I have felt sick from sugar though, which is recent because I used to eat lots and lots of sugar when I was younger with no consequences.

    This week is indeed crazy, but I'm excited for your post! :D

  2. Generally I don't sleep as well if I have alcohol or sugar late in the day, but since I kicked my insomnia it doesn't affect me quite as much.