Tuesday, March 22, 2011

100th post giveaway!

Guess what!?! This little blog has made it almost to 100 posts!

Do you know what this means for you, my dear readers? 


Not just ANY giveaway: a science and food giveaway. An AMAZING giveaway. A giveaway that will make non-giveaway participants super jealous. 

This is the 98th post. On the 100th post (Sunday!), I will announce a winner.

What are we competing for? 

Getting syphilis over coffee! 

That's right, you get your very own GIANT MICROBE and a chemistry flask coffee mug (never used for chemistry, don't worry!) and one bag of coffee from an awesome local roastery (caf or decaf...you can also have tea).

Syphilis is  super cute, but you can also get athlete's foot...
Or maybe a really deadly Staph infection...

Or, maybe you can get some extra white blood cells to help you fight all of those nasty bugs!
You can choose any of the 5-7" plush toys that the company offers. Just go to Giant Microbes and peruse...if I draw your name, you can tell me which one is your favorite and your hot beverage preferences! 

How to enter:

1) Comment on this post and tell me one reason you LOVE SCIENCE (or how science helps you in your life).

2) Mention this giveaway in your blog or facebook page and link back to this entry in the comments. This will get you an extra entry! 

My personal random number generator (i.e. an impartial lab mate) will choose the winner (i.e. draw the winning number from a beaker when we have down time at work). I'll announce it on SUNDAY! 

The 99th post is almost ready...a delicious chicken recipe, so be sure to check back to see that as well!


  1. I love science because it brings me closer to the most efficient way to address all daily situations from traffic and people to diet and exercise.

  2. I love science because it helps me brew (and drink!) tasty beer and has assisted in the development of the treatment, management and screening of my health conditions. GO SCIENCE!

  3. I love science because, as a wise webcomic once put it: it WORKS, bitches. :)

  4. It's cliche, but I love science because of the aspiration that some day, at least one time (if not many more), a person practicing science may have the opportunity to learn something that no one else in the entire world knows. That's one of the most powerful and enlightening feelings I can hope to experience!

  5. Science (specifically chemisty and microbiology) was always my best and favourite subject in school/college. I would have become an epidemiologist if my crazy ass mother had not guilted me into taking something that got me a "real job".

  6. Yay! Keep them coming! Go science!

  7. Hilarious! I love science because you need to understand chemistry in order to cook and bake, which is one of my favorite past times!