Monday, December 13, 2010

Teeny Tiny Little Rant

Right now it is 1 degree outside. The heat in my apartment has been out for over 6 hours. I am wearing a lot of clothing. And I feel this deserves a teeeeny, tiny little rant.

First of all, it's winter in Iowa. Iowa gets cold. We recently had a small blizzard (the bottom of the same one that took out the metrodome in Minneapolis). It's quite cold out - actually the coldest day we've had yet this winter. Tonight it's going to be colder. I normally keep our thermostat at 62 in the winter. I'm not one of those highly sensitive girls who can't put on more clothes when it's cold. But right now it is 52 degrees in my house and I have a space heater running full blast.

I woke up this morning to rapping on my door. The furnace people were here to replace our FUNCTIONAL furnace, which is a beautiful functional thing that reliably holds 62 degrees and costs me very little to do so. We were not warned by our landlords that they were coming today. In fact, they had told me that they might come replace our furnace on the 17th. Friday. Not today.

Now, I've been sick, as I told you recently. And applying for jobs. I've been stressed and tired and was sleeping in and taking it slow, lest I stress my body out to the point that I never recover. The fiance had some important meetings today, and the landlords are lucky that I wasn't gone already when the furnace people showed up. This morning they took 2 hours and four guys to remove the old furnace, and at the end of that endeavor they nicely imformed me that they had to go 'make some parts up in the shop and would be back later'. At that point I called in to work and let them know that today wasn't happening for me. Two hours after that they returned and started installing the new furnace. Two hours later, I hear swearing and confusion coming from the furnace room. If this gets installed by 6pm, I'll be surprised.

This is not the furnace people's fault. They are doing their best to do the job that they were hired to do. They have been mostly professional. I am just questioning the judgment of the people who decided to replace our furnace in December in Iowa with no notice.

Ok. Rant complete. I'll return to my normal, vegetable loving, science spouting self as soon as the heat comes back on. Until then, I hope you are having a warmer Monday than I am.


  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles :(. We just asked our landlords to replace weather stripping around our doors because we could literally feel the breeze coming in (especially when the wind was in just the right direction). A far cry from 1 degree (it was 6 this morning w.c.), and from a missing furnace, but just know I'm thinking warm thoughts for you :)

    Oh, and eagerly awaiting your return to blogland...... !

  2. Sorry To Here... Were complaining a lot with the temp dropping in to the -20s and we have heat. I'll check myself the next time I think to complain. Supposidly your in luck for your travel to see us for Christmas, as it should be in the mild 20s.

    See you soon, get better, find a warm kitten, and a confused, freezing, blind cat, and get warm!

    Your Brother.