Saturday, June 19, 2010

Working in the exercise

Thanks for all the positive feedback on the Carb II: sweeteners post. It always amazes me how much people like science – they just don’t know it. 
This week was a struggle with balancing work and exercise. I spent the early part of the week not busy enough at work, and now I have so much to do that I have to stop myself and just go home. I couldn’t have helped it – many of the problems had to do with equipment malfunctions and misbehaving biology. Groan. As a result, I once again gave up Yoga on Wednesday. Thursday’s run got pushed to Thursday night, when it was 85 degrees, humid, and with impending storms. See how fun that looks? It didn’t rain, but I’m still drenched and drinking some coconut water for extra electrolytes. This girl is not a summer-time athlete.


Then, Thursday’s night run caused me to miss my Friday AM swim. I actually got up, went to the bathroom, came back to the bedroom to change and woke up on the bed an hour later. Lame. Friday weather and pool hours didn’t work out with my schedule, and I went for a walk with the fiancé after dinner. Today I made up for it with a bike ride and swim. I finally took the time to raise the seat on my bike 1 cm (and it made a huge difference!) and put on my new aero bars.
used to think that I just couldn’t ride in aero bars - they were so uncomfortable – but these new ones with some adjustments were like riding on air. When I was in the aero, I was  easily coasting along at 2 mph higher than upright with no extra effort. YESSSSSSSSSSS. I forsee a new future in riding for me. 
Despite my busy days, at least the food has been normal. Yogurt and fruit with kashi.

And this action shot of my smoothie:
I’m calling this the ‘purple nurple’. It’s a green monster with blueberries. Delicious! 

And multigrain Thomas English muffin with AB + preserves with a side of applesauce. 

Today was special – that mound of fruit? Blueberries, strawberries, bananas on a WAFFLE topped with Meghann inspired cashew-butter sauce. The fiancé tried the cashew butter sauce and liked it, too. 

Lunches have been pretty standard – mostly vegetarian – but I’ve also been hungry in the afternoon and been supplementing with Luna bars, Tiger’s milk bars, nuts, and dried fruit.

I made quesadillas on low-carb wheat wraps. Those had cheese, beans, and corn with some spices. With each was a small salad - in the right picture, the salad was a leftover from an uneaten lunch and isn't pictured - and fruit. I also had 1.5 cups of TJs butternut squash soup, which was very good.

For Friday, we went to El Azteca for lunch again. This time I got my favorite: chili verde. I ate all the beans and rice and 2/3 of the chili. I gave away my tortillas.  I also ate some chips and salsa. Laura, who also likes the chili verde, tried the chili colorado (i.e. chili roja). It wasn't as good. I think next time we'll both be getting the same thing.

Today I went into work and had some leftover veggies/noodles with a 4 oz pork tenderloin portion. Also, watermelon. I'm so thankful for summer fruit! 

Dinners were interesting as I was so busy that cooking seemed tedious: 
 Pork tenderloin, Uncle Ben's ready rice multigrain blend, and a salad with homemade honey mustard vinaigrette. This was so easy that I think you all could make it and enjoy it. Plus, it's super low-calorie - unlike the storebought stuff. 
Honey Mustard Dressing
2 parts yellow mustard
1 part stoneground mustard
1/2 part dijon mustard
1 part olive oil 
1 part honey
salt, pepper, and thyme to taste. 
  Veggie burger with 1/2 a huge microwaved sweet potato, plain yogurt, sriracha, and that mixture of veggies and noodles. 
The best dinners were the ones the fiance made. I came home to turkey tacos last night - 
(yes, i hold the tacos between shot glasses. Caitlin taught me that trick) I also finished my sweet potato, and when the fiance made nachos on his second plate, I stole a solid 5 chips worth of that. 
Tonight after my bike ride, he also cooked. I was in a 1600 calorie deficit by this time, so I had a small snack first. Cheese, crackers, and random pickled veggies. 
Dinner was extravagant. Crab, clam, and scallops in a wine sauce with red pepper, garlic, mushrooms mixed with pasta. We also roasted some beets, sweet, and white potato in herbs. Finally, the beet greens were sauteed. I had about double the pasta shown. 

Finally, let's talk about snacks. This has been a huge week for snacks. I come home and eat 1/2 c of pretzel goldfish while I cook. It takes the edge off. We went to see A-team in theatres this week and we decided to bring our own popcorn. If movie theatre popcorn wasn't so bad for you, I'd have no problem paying for it. But they only have diet coke as their sugar free soda and their popcorn and snacks are all bad for you. We made 2 small batches of popcorn - plain with 'cheese smoke' aka cheddar flavored salt, and cinnamon roll flavored. The cinnamon roll flavored one is actually still pretty decent for you. It had about 2 tbsp smart balance, 1/3 c sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and salt.
We had more popcorn later in the week - cheese smoke and nutritional yeast for extra cheese flavor. 
The popcorn was consumed with one too many ginger basil cocktails, which is probably a large reason why I didn't want to get up and run this morning. 

Finally, we did a taste-test of all of the sweet almond flavors that were on sale at the store (yes, I own them all. The mint chocolate is the best, followed my the vanilla bean). 

I ate so much this week! Yet Eating Requires Activity, so here's the ERA: 
Mon 1000m swim; Tue 4 mile speedwork run, group power lifting class 1 hour; Wed off; Thur 6 mile run, 15 minute yoga; Fri 1.5 hour walk; Sat 1500 m swim, 26.5 mile bike. 
I'm going to do a post on being a scientist, so what questions do you have about what being a scientist is all about? OR if you're also in the field, what is the MOST RIDICULOUS question you've been asked?

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